Do you wish to sit in your favorite seat on your way to your destination? Of course. Everyone wants to enjoy the utmost comfort during their flight. Nobody wants to face discomfort, whether it is a long or short flight. 

When one chooses Delta airlines, they can select the seat of their choice. Furthermore, the procedure set by the airline is very easy. Therefore, all types of passengers can use these ways to select their favorite seat.

Keep reading further and find out about these methods in detail.

Procedure to select a seat on Delta airlines flight

To select the seat of your choice, one can either use the online or the offline ways. Due to two ways, flyers can choose the one they find best for themselves. Furthermore, both methods are simple, and anyone can use them to complete the Delta airlines seat selection process. 

Through the official site

To select the seat of your choice using the online method, the passenger needs to open the official website of the airline. 

Refer to the steps given below and follow them in the same order to select the seat of your choice. 

  • Head to the official site of Delta airlines.
  • Use your credentials and login into your account. 
  • Now, click on the "my trips" section on the home page. 
  • Furthermore, enter the last name of the flyer and the confirmation number. 
  • In this step, open the Delta flight seat selection page. 
  • Go ahead and choose your seat using the seat map given here. 
  • Once you select the seat, confirm your booking.
  • Finally, pay to finalize your seat. 
  • As soon as you pay the amount, you will get your booking confirmation.

Through the phone number

Individuals who do not want to use the online method of seat selection can use the phone number of the airline. 

The travel experts will assist you in completing the seat selection process. 

  • Head to the official site first.
  • There, you will find contact information. 
  • Use the number given there and talk to the team members of Delta airlines. 

What is Delta's seat selection policy?

The policy is laid down in order to make the whole process easy and hassle-free for the flyers. Detailed information on the policy will let the flyer complete the procedure with ease. 

The points below state this policy in detail.

  • First and foremost, one can choose their favorite seat only if one pays for it while making the reservation. The other person may take the seat before you make the payment. 
  • For flyers with some disabilities, there are different seating options that Delta airline offers. 
  • Furthermore, if the seat map is unavailable, one will get the seat at the time of check-in. 
  • Moreover, for the people with platinum Medallion status, you can choose the seat even for a future flight. 

In case of any queries and questions, passengers can contact the live person at Delta airlines. Get in touch with the experts and ask all your doubts. 

Complete seat selection in no time and fly with full comfort.